Julienne Garnish and Salad Peeler the X-1 Pro
[X-1 Pro Julienne Garnish Salad Peeler]

Julienne Garnish and Salad  Peeler the X-1 Pro

X-1 Julienne Peeler and Garnish Decorating Slicer

Chef's Delight Julienne- Peeler- Garnish Decor Slicer all Stainless Steel

Julienne and Garnish Peeler Deluxe Get Professional Results with this amazing tool that no chef or kitchen should be without

Impressive Garnishes for Salads and Great Stir Fry Dishes

Get Professional Restaurant Results with the X-1 Pro Julienne Garnishes Peeler



All Stainless Steel Unit and Blades will not Rust

  • X-1 Julienne Peeler & Garnish Decor Peeler you can quickly make Fresh Asian Stir Fry Dishes Fruit and Vegetable garnishes, Salad toppings, Citrus Zest and more.
  • With The X-1 All Stainless Julienne Garnish Decor Peeler l you will be using the Tool that many Pro's use.
  • Simply Apply the Sharp Stainless Steel Blades to Firm Fruits or Vegetables.
  • Julienne Cuts such as Carrots Zucchini , Potatoes, Apples or Citrus Fruit.
  • Get the Perfect Garnish or Julienne Peeler- The X-1 Pro.
  • Excellent Gift- Excellent for Every Kitchen or all Restaurant Owners. .

Size 18cm Length x 7cm Wide
Construction: All Stainless Steel Laser Sharp Blades and Body

Julienne Garnishes Peeler Decor The X-1 Pro

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