Tamale Steam Cooker - Asian Double Stack Steamer 40 cm
[Asian Double Stack Steamer 40cm]

Tamale Steam Cooker - Asian Double Stack Steamer 40 cm

Tamale Steamer Double Stack Pot - Asian Steamer

Steamer Double Layer Deluxe for Large Steamed Food Preparation

Tamale Steamer Stack or Crab and Lobster Steamer

Tamale - Asian Double Stack Steamer Product Description:

  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Anodized Aluminum Asian Stack Steamer - Tamale Steam Double Stack Steamer.
  • This is actually an Asian Steamer with 2 Layers. which happens to be terrific as a Crab and Lobster Steamer.
  • Also Fantastic for many Mexican Cooking Tasks.
  • This Double Stack Steamer is Excellent for Tamale Steaming.
  • Used for Commercial Tamale Making Due to its Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Construction.
  • The Anodized Aluminum Steamer is in Three Sections.
  • The Bottom Section Holds the Water.
  • The top 2 Sections can Hold any Type of Foods for Steaming.
  • Terrific for Seafood - Lobster and Crab Steaming.
  • Great For Steamed Rice in Bowls, For Large Vegetables Steaming.
  • Excellent as a Large Tamale Steamer which can Steam Cook, anywhere from 50 to 75 Tamale's.
  • Layers can be Separated and set on the Table so Guests can Serve Themselves.
  • The Dome Shaped Lid is Ideal for Re circulating the Steam to Reach all Levels and for larger Foods on top Layer.
  • Overall dimensions For Large Steamer:(approx) 22.5" high and 18.5 wide. The bottom pan is 7" high and the two upper pans are 6.5" high.

    Dragon Burner

    Bottom Pan Height Diameter Height LBS Cost Add to Cart
    30cm 6 13" 16" 3 39.99 Tamale Steamer 30cm 2 Layer Steamer
    35cm 6 15" 19" 4 49.99 Tamale Steamer 35 cm 2  Layer Steamer
    40cm 6.5 16" 19.5" 5-3/4 59.99 Tamale Steamer 2  Layer 40 cm Asian Steamer
    45cm 7 18.5" 22..5" 6-1/4 69.99 Tamale Steamer Double Layer 45 cm Asian Steamer

Crab and Lobster Steamers

Great for Tamale's - Lobster and Crab Steamer

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