Multi Jet Burners - Natural Gas or Propane
[Wok Burner Multi Jet Burners 4 Models]

Up to 320,000 BTU Multi Jet Burners
Multii Jet Burner 32 Tips Over 100,000 BTU Multi Jet Burners Cast Iron for Beer Brewing or Wok Cooking

Multi Jet Burner 23 Tips Up to 230,000 BTU

23 Jet Multi Burners Diameter Height Weight Cost Add To Cart
23 Jet Burner Natural Gas 10" 3" 7 40.99 NG Jet Burners Multi Jet Natural Gas $48.990
23 Jet Multi Burner for Propane LPG 10" 3" 7 40.99 LPG Multi Jet Burners LPG - Propane $48.990


Multi Jet Burner 32 Tips Up to 330,000 BTU

32 Jet Multi Burners Diameter Height Weight Cost Add To Cart
32 Jet Natural Gas 12" 3" 9 48.99 NG Jet Burners Multi Jet Natural Gas $48.990
32 Jet Propane - LPG 12" 3" 9 48.99 LPG Jet Burners Multi Jet LPG - Propane $48.990
  • Solid Cast Iron Multi Jet Burners
  • Brass Jet Burners
  • No Regulator Required
  • Female Outlet to Male Threaded Pipe 3/4"
  • Great For Home Beer Brewing.
  • Wok Cooking Applications
  • Large Cook-Outs
  • Widely Used by Roofers for Tar or for Asphalt.

Powerful Jet Burners Available in Propane or Natural Gas

Please Double Check that you Selected the Correct Fuel Type

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