Tamale Steamer-Crab & Lobster Steamer 45 Cm
[Asian Double Stack Steamer 45cm]

Tamale Steamer-Crab & Lobster Steamer 45 Cm
Tamale Steamer Double Stack Pot - Asian Steamer

Steamer Double Layer Deluxe for Large Steamed Food Preparation

Tamale Steamer Stack or Crab and Lobster Steamer

Tamale - Asian Double Stack Steamer

Unit Size Bottom Pan Height. Diameter Height Weight Cost Add to Cart
30cm 6 13" 16" 3 39.99 Tamale Steamer 30cm 2 Layer Steamer
35cm 6 15" 19" 4 49.99 Tamale Steamer 35 cm 2  Layer Steamer
40cm 6.5 16" 19.5" 5-3/4 59.99 Tamale Steamer 2  Layer 40 cm Asian Steamer
45cm 7 18.5" 22..5" 6-1/4 79.99 Tamale Steamer Double Layer 45 cm Asian Steamer
  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Anodized Aluminum Asian Stack Steamer - Tamale Steam Double Stack Steamer.
  • This is actually an Asian Steamer with 2 Layers, which happens to be terrific as a Crab and Lobster Steamer.
  • This Double Stack Steamer is Excellent for Tamale Steaming.
  • Used for Commercial Tamale Making Due to its Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Construction.
  • The Anodized Aluminum Steamer is a 4 Section Unit.
  • The Bottom Section Holds the Water, the top 2 Sections can Hold any Type of Foods for Steaming.
  • Terrific for Seafood - Lobster and Crab Steaming.
  • Great For Steamed Rice in Bowls, For Large Vegetables Steaming.
  • Layers can be Separated and set on the Table so Guests can Serve Themselves.
  • The Dome Shaped Lid is Ideal for Re circulating the Steam to Reach all Levels
  • Overall dimensions For Large Steamer:(approx) 22.5" high and 18.5 wide. The bottom pan is 7" high and the two upper pans are 6.5" high.
Asian Double Stack Steamer Pot - Tamale Steamer
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