Tea Kettles with Tea Strainers For Loose Tea's all Stainless Steel
[Tea Kettles With Tea Strainers 3 Sizes Available]

Tea Kettle with Strainers Stainless Steel 3 Sizes Available
Tea Kettle 3.7  Liter with Strainer
Tea Kettle Size Dimensions Weight Cost Add to Cart
3.7 Liter 3.5 17.99 Tea Kettle Stainless Steel 3.7 Liter Whistling
4.5 Liter 3.9 21.99 Tea Kettles Stainless Steel With Tea Strainer 4.5 Liter
6.3 Liter 4.2 25.99 Tea Kettles Stainless Steel With Tea Strainer 6.3 Liter

Tea Kettle Whistling

Select From 3 Sizes

  • Tea Kettle Whistling.
  • Staimless Steel Construction with a Mirror Finish.
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer.
  • Can be Used with Strainer or Without
  • For Loose Leaf Tea or Coffee
Tea Kettles with Tea Strainer for Loose Teas

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