Tortilla Maker Wood Presses 3 Regular Models Available and 1 Mini Press For Kids
[Tortilla Press Wood]

Tortilla Press Wood
Tortilla Press Wood Tortilla Maker

Tortilla Maker Wood Press
Tortilla Press Model Dimensions Weight Price Add to Cart
8' Square 3 24.99 Tortilla Press 8" Square  Made in Mexico
10" Square 4 18.99 Tortilla Press 10" Square  Made in Mexico
12" Square 5 24.99 Tortilla Press 12" Square  Made in Mexico
Tortilla Press Mini Dimensions Weight Price Add to Cart
5" Square For Kids 4.5" x 4.5quot; 1/2 Lbs 10.99 Tortilla Press 12" Square  Made in Mexico
New Mini Press For Kids

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