Cazos Stainless Steel Deep Design 4 Designs
[Cazos Stainless Steel Deep Design]

Cazos Stainless Steel - Deep Design
Cazo Stainless 16" Deep Design Cazo Medium and Large Stainless Steel Cazos
Deep Design Diameter Depth Bottom Diameter Lbs Price Add To Cart
# 2 small 16" 8" 8" 8 40.99 Cazo Stainless Steel 16 "
# 5 Medium 21" 12" 14.5" 14 95.99 Cazo Stainless Steel 16 "
# 6 Large 25.5" 14.5" 17.5" 19.5 LBS. 125.00 Cazo Stainless Steel 16 "

*New Model Here Below with Extra Thick Bottom*

New Model Now Available with Extra Thick Bottom where it Counts

This Cazo has a much Thicker Bottom and is Heavier than the Regular #6

Deep Design Diameter Depth Bottom Diameter Lbs Price Add To Cart
# 6 Thicker 25.5" 14.5" 17.5" 25.5 LBS. 159.99 Cazo Stainless Steel 16 "
For Carnitas - Deep Frying - BBQ - Large Cookouts

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