Stands For Propane Burners 2 Sizes Available
[Propane Burner Stand]

Propane Burner Stands Tall or Low Heavy Duty
Burner Stand Low and Tall Heavy Duty
Item Dimensions Weight Price Add To Cart
Low Stand 19" Diameter x 22" High 14 32.99 Propane Burner Stand Low Model 32.99
Tall Stand 19" Diameter x 34" High 18 36.99 Stand For Propane Burner Tall Model 36.99
  • Heavy Duty Guage Metal
  • Includes Hardware Easy Assemble Tool kit Included
  • 19" Diameter Top RIng
  • Fits any Low Pressure or High Pressure Burners
  • Fits Cazos - Comales - Stock Pots -
  • We also Stock the Combo Model low and High Option with 100,000 BTU Burner included for Only $99.00 More Info Here100,000 BTU Super Gas High Pressure Burner
Propane Burners High Pressure or Low

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