Deluxe Steamers Zebra Commercial 4 Pc Stainless Steel
[Tamale Zebra Steamers Premium Set]

Heavy Duty High Quality Zebra Steamers - Double Stack Steamers
Zebra Steamer Deluxe SetZebra Steamer Sets
For Making Tamale's We Highly Recommend Size 50cm-As Many Customers have Ordered Smaller Sizes and they usually Want to Exchange For a Bigger Size also the Expense to Ship this Item is Quite High


  • These Steamers are Top of the Line As Used in Restaurants Constructed With Premium Stainless Steel SUS-304
  • The Lid Top has a High Dome for Optimal Steam Circulation it also Prevents Water from Dripping into the Food.
  • The bottom layer is Deep and Holds a Considerable Amount of Water to Prevent Dry Ups
  • 4 Pc. Set Consist of 1 Bottom Pot, 2 Middle Steam Layers, and 1 High Dome Top Lid.
  • Dual Layer Middle Stacks are Deep and Vary in Height Depending on the Model Size
  • The Side Handles and Top Knob, are of the highest quality Bakelite
  • Jumbo Steamers are Restaurant Size or For Persons Who Do large Steam Cooking.
  • Uses as a Dual Layer Asian Double Stack Steamer Or Widely used as Commercial Tamale Steam Cookers.
  • Excellent Rice, Crab or Lobster Steamers.
  • Now Available in 5 Sizes
  • The Removable Layers can be used Single or Both Layers, Some Customers Purchase additional Sets and add additional Layers, to save time on cooking.
  • Diameter size displayed does not include handles.
Size/Diameter Bottom Pot Height Middle Layers Height Total Height Weight Price Add to Cart
28cm/11"- Small 5" 3 1/2" 16" 7 75.00 Steamers 2 Layer Deluxe 28  cm
32cm/12.6" Small to Mid 6.5" 4" 18.5" 15 95.00 Steamers 2 Layer Premium 36  cm
36cm/14.2" Medium 6.5" 4.25" 20.5" 19 115.00 Back in Stock Steamers 2 Layer Deluxe 36  cm
40cm/15 3/4" Large Medium 7" 5" 22 1/4" 23 145.00 Zebra Steamers 2 Layer Deluxe 40  cm
50cm/19.6"- JUMBO 9 1/2" 6" 28.5" 25 3/4 179.99 Back in Stock Zebra Steamers 2 Layer Deluxe 50  cm

Zebra Jumbo Steamers Multi Layer

The Zebra 50 cm Steamer is a Huge Steamer - There are 5 Sizes Available
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