Wok Taiwan Style Commercial 34 Cm
[Wok 34 Cm Taiwan Commercial Use]

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Taiwan Wok

Commercial Line Woks Taiwan Style

  • Carbon Steel Woks
  • Should Last a Lifetime
  • These Carbon Steel woks are the ones that Professional's use l. The handles are designed for all day use and to alllow users full control for the way you would like to hold and handle your wok. The handle parallel to the wok is great for stabilizing the wok when stir frying. A clear food grade coating is used during storage and all that is required is a single tablespoon of vegetable cooking oil, medium heat, and a paper towel for a single wipe down. Made in Taiwan, these pre-seasoned Carbon Steel woks are a wonderful addition for any stir-fry lover.
  • Available in 3 Sizes
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Wok Ring
Wok Ring

Optional Accessory is the wok Ring to Super Heat that wok and to maintain your wok in an erect angle during use Wok Ring

Woks Commercial Carbon Steel Made in Taiwan


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