Vacuum Lunchbox Thermos 1.5 Liter Stainless Steel
[Vacuum Flask Lunchbox 1.5 Liter]

Vacuum Flask Lunch Box 2 Compartment

Turkey Fryer Special  52.95

2 Compartment Vacuum Lunchbox

Thermos Vacuum Flask available in 2 sizes

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  • Includes 2 Inner Food Containers that are Microwave Safe
  • Keeps Foods Warm for Hours
  • Extra 3rd Compartment Storage Lid for Sauces, Breads, Tortillas ?
  • Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Inside and Out.
Cazos Copper Light Duty
Lunchbox Height Diameter Product Weight LBS Price Add to Cart
1.5 Liter 7.25" 5.5" 2 19.99 Vacuum Flask Lunchbox Stainless Steel  1.5 Liter
2.0 Liter 8.75" 5.5" 2.5 22.99 Vacuum Flask Lunchbox Stainless Steel  2  Liter

Lunchbox Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos

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