Lava Stone Fry Pan 9.5" Amazing All Natural Nonstick
[Lava Stone Natural Nonstick Fry Pan 9.5" 24cm]

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Lava Stone Must Try Incredible Nonstick No PFOA
Lava Stone Fry Pans Nonstick Natural Surface No PFOA
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24cm 9.5" x 14" x 2.25" 1.3 18.00 Fry Pan Lava Stone 24 cm 9.5"


  • Amazing All Natural Lava Stone Non Stick Surface Higher Temps. No PFOA
  • Scratch Resistant Can Use Metal Utensils
  • Amazing Nonstick Properties
  • Silicone Non Slip Handle Can Withstand High Temps.
  • Felt Pad is Heat Resistant and Serves as a Trivet When Placing Fry Pan on a Table or A Surface That You Want to Protect.Select from 6 Sizes
    Natural Lava Stone Fry Pans Incredible Non Stick


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