Cleaver Stainless Steel Blade Brass Handle Super Sharp


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Cleaver Brass Handle Stainless Steel Blade Heavy Duty
Cleaver Gold Handle

Cleaver Chop Chop

  • All Purpose Cleaver for Cutting, Chopping and More
  • High Qualtiy Cleaver features a Stainless Steel Blade with a Countered Grip Brass Handle.
  • No Cook Should be with out one.
  • Excellent Chinese Cleaver. Every part of this Knife can be put to use.
  • The Sharp Edge of the Blade is used for Cutting Chopping and Slicing Frozen Meats.
  • The Blunt Top Edge is used to Pound and Tenderize Meats.
  • Turned on its Side, the Cleaver is an Excellent Tool for Smashing Garlic and Ginger
  • Transfer Food from Cutting Board to Wok.
  • Measurements: 11.25" long, Blade is 7" long x 3.25" Wide
Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver