Dragon High Pressure Burner


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
High Pressure LPG Dragon Burners 3 Sizes
Dragon Burner Diameter Length Hose Length Height Weight Price Add to Cart
Small 4.5" 14" 48" 3" 6 49.99 Dragon Burner High Pressure Small Complete with Hose
Large 5-3/4" 18" 48" 3.5" 7-3/4 59.99 high pressure burner dragon large  with hose and regulator
X Large 7 3/4" 24" 48" 4.5" 18 94.99 high pressure burner dragon large  with hose and regulator


  • High Pressure Cast Iron Burners
  • Includes 48" High Pressure Hose 350 PSI.
  • Includes Regulator 20 PSI
  • Includes Needle Valve
  • For Outdoor Use
  • Quickly Prepare Foods
Please Note: On the Front of Burner behind the Needle Valve there is a round Silver colored Spindle This is for adjusting the Oxygen Air Mix. You may have to adjust when lighting burner for it to burn properly, if it's to closed burner Flame will be yellow due to lack of Oxygen and will tend to tarnish your Pots and you should open it a bit, till you see more Blue than yellow, Flame. Also if it's to open the flame will tend to turn off. or may not light at all.
Dragon Burners High Pressure LPG