Cazos De Cobre Copper Cazos 25 Inch
[Cazo Cobre 25"]

Copper Cazos 100% Coppper Imported from Mexico

Copper Cazos available in Many Sizes, Please Select Below the sizes and weights are approximate.

The Larger sizes Starting at the 20 inch or above are heavier than the first 3 displayed

used in the Cooking of Carnitas, Candy Making and other Specialty Cooking purposes.

Copper Cazos - Cazos De Cobre
Diameter Deep Price LBS Add to Cart
12" 8" 60.00 4 Cazo De Cobre or Copper Cazo 12 inch
16" 11" 100.00 6 Cazo De Cobre or Copper Cazo 16 inch
18" 13" 125.00 8 Copper Cazo  or Cazo de Cobre
20" 16.5 225.00 15.5 Copper Cazo 20"  or Cazo de Cobre


16.5" 265.00 17.8 Copper Cazo  22" or Cazo de Cobre
23" 16.5" 300.00 18.9 Copper Caza 23"  or Cazo de Cobre
25" 17" 365.00 27.3 Copper Cazo  or Cazo de Cobre


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