Taiwan Woks Carbon Steel


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Taiwan Woks are Designed to Withstand High Temperatures
Woks Taiwan Style Carbon Steel Commercial Grade
Wok Size Dimensions Weight Price Add to Cart
34cm - 14" 14" x 18" x 5" 4 19.99 Taiwan Wok 34 cm Special Sale 19.99
36cm -16" 16" x 20" x 6" 5 22.99 Taiwan Wok 36 cm Special Sale 22.95
  • Taiwan Carbon Steel Woks are widely used by professional's.
  • Taiwan Woks are excellent for creating quick stir Fried dishes and For frying.
  • The Woks are designed to handle high temperatures and actually work better when used with High Pressure Burners.
  • Carbon Steel Woks need to be Pre Seasoned before use.
  • Seasoning requires a wipe down application on the inner surface with some Cooking Oil and heating the wok For a few minutes till the Oil creates a baked on finish that seals and protects your Wok from rust.
  • When storing, a food grade coating is used by applying a small amount of Vegetable Cooking Oil, over medium heat, using a paper towel for a quick wipe down.
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