Woks Professional Wood Handle Grip


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Professional Woks 100% Carbon Steel Taiwan
Professional Woks as used in Restaurants around the world, stir fry wok
Wok Size Dimensions Weight Price Add to Cart
12" (30cm) 12" x 17" x 5" 3.5 19.99  
13" (32cm) 13" x 18" x 5.5" 4 21.99  
14" (34cm) 14" x 19" x 6" 4.5 23.99  

Professional Woks for Restaurants or Home Use

  • Stir Frying Frying with a Wok has many Advantages Food is Cooked Rapidly and Evenly, Vegetables are kept crunchy and Retain More Vitamins, Cooking Time is Greatly Decreased and only a small amount of oil is needed compared to a skillet. The result is healthier food, retaining more nutrients, vitamins and less fat.
  • Our Professional Woks are used in many resuarants around the world these one handed woks are ideal for stir-frying, Deep Frying, Boiling, Poaching, Broiling and Steaming
  • These Woks are constructed to last a lifetime.
  • Dual Point Handles Prevents Tilting Provides Stability
  • True Woks containing no coatings such as Teflon or Paint if you purchase such an item it's not what is used in Restaurants Please note Professional Woks are made of 100 % Carbon Steel, to withstand harsh high temperatures from high Pressure Burners or Multi Jet Burners as restaurants cook with.
  • Professional Woks need to be conditioned or seasoned before use. To season the wok rinse and scrub it thoroughly with lots of hot, soapy water to remove any trace of oil, grime or rust. heat and coat with cooking oil for a 5 to 6 minutes this process conditions the wok. thus developing an even black coating, this coating should never be scrubbed off completely Woks should be maintained by only cleaning the wok with a strong brush or steel scrubbing pad as needed. The wok can be heated briefly on the stove after washing to keep rust away before storing.
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Availability: Ships Sane day
  • We stock them in 12" 13" and 14" sizes are suitable for Creating your Many Oriental Dishes.

Free Wok Ring one per Purchase