Marble Stone Round Griddles 3 Sizes Available


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
Round Marble Comal - Griddle Available in 3 Sizes
  • Die Cast Heavy Gauge Aluminum With Marble Nonstick Coatings
  • Possibly One of the Best Griddles or Comal Nothing Sticks
  • Will Not Rust, Warp or Bend
  • Outstanding Product Highly Recommended
  • Excellent for Pancakes, Crepes, Eggs , Tortillas, Flat Breads anything that you don't want to Stick
Item Dimensions Weight Price Add to Cart
24cm Marble Stone 9-3/4" x 19" 1.5 18.99 Marble Stone Griddle Round 24 cm
28cm Marble Stone 11" x 11-1/2" x 20-1/2" 2 21.99 Marble Stone Griddle Round 28 cm
32cm Marble Stone 13" x 22" 2.3 24.99 Marble Stone Griddle Round 32 cm
Nonstick Round Griddle with Marble Stone Nonstick Coat
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