Griddles Stainless Steel 2 Sizes Available


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Taco Comal Griddle

Taco Griddles Great For Large Cookouts-Hamburgers Tacos, Fajitas

Product Description:

  • Brush Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Designed for Outdoor use can also be used Indoors Great for BBQ's - Large Cookouts.
  • This Comal is Great for Tacos, Hamburgers Chicken, Steaks, Tasty Grill Dishes
  • Grease Channel and Drain Outlet.
Griddles Width Length Thickness Height LBS Cost Add to Cart
Griddle Small 16" 18" 3.6mm 3" 18 99.99 Griddle Stainless Steel Small
Griddle Large 32" 18" 3.6mm 3.25" 28 159.99 anodiized nonstick pot 6 quart
Stainless Steel Griddle for Outdoor Cookouts and Family Grill Meals.